Would you like to study Spanish in Colima Mexico?


Colima is a beautiful and small city in the West of Mexico. This State of Mexico enjoys a tropical climate and is a short distance from mountains and beaches. It is the ideal location to learn spanish!


Why study spanish?

If you speak Spanish, you can communicate with almost 500 million people worldwide! Think how many more employment options that gives you! And if you want to take a trip to Spain or Latin America, a little knowledge of Spanish will go a long way.


Our programs will help you to undertand our traditions, culture, have efective comunication, and how to make business with Mexico







BEGINNERS: For students who have not encountered Spanish before. We offer basic vocabulary so that they can easily communicate in daily situations, and basic grammar emphasizing reading, writing and pronunciation.


INTERMEDIATE: Students who have knowledge of the language but their grammar isn´t correct and their pronunciation isn´t clear, we offer a structural practice of grammar rules and aspects related to intonation, pronunciation and phonetics with the correct sounds for each word.


ADVANCED: For all those students who can communicate but have problems expressing themselves, we help them to extend their vocabulary by reading literary subjects, history, books, newspapers, magazines, radio programs, T.V., participating in debates where they practice the modisms and all the grammar forms of the Spanish language (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening).

Spanish Programs

How do your learn?

Our courses are designed for students who wish to take summer classes (July-August) or Winter classes (November- January and February)


  • 1.- Our courses are designed for students who wish to take summer classes (July-August) or Winter classes (November- January and February).

  • 2.- Our Spanish program consists of 60 hours, which each student can choose depending on their needs and according to the time they require.

  • 3.- For those students who want to learn faster or are on vacations and want to practice their Spanish, we offer classes per week, with a personal instructor. You are in control of your hours, for all levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced or special areas which you require, beginning any day of the year.


In our language programs we promote numerous extracurricular activities, the atmosphere in the institute is vivrant. Our students meet many people with the same objective “To learn with quality”.



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