¡Essential Mexico!

Make of Mexico the excuse for your next vacation and get your senses ready for an experience full of magic, color and warmth. Come and fall in love with Mexico!


Again and again, Mexico will surprise you with new experiences: a different flavor, a new adventure, a spot waiting for centuries to enchant you. We're waiting for you!


Customize your own tour with us! Make up your own, or choose from any of left locations. Our guides are well versed in the region, and open to new and exciting ideas.


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Come and fall in love with Mexico!




The Beach of your Dreams (Riviera Nayarit, Nayarit)



  • With n more than 450 beaches along its coasts, Mexico´s got a stretch of sunkissed sand with your name on it.



    Great Mexica Cities (Historic Center, Mexico City) Tours
  • From ancient pyramids to soaring skysrapers, Mexico´s big cities provide visitors with and endless variety of choices.



    Big City, Ancient Roots (Chapultepec, Mexico city) Tours
  • Become enthralled by the pulsating rhythm of the Mexican Capital, a great metropolis where centuries of history and a vibrant present converge.



    A Marine Adventure (La Paz, BSC) Tours
  • Come, discover the depths in Baja California and confirm the reason why the famous biologist, Jaques Cousteau, named the Sea of Cortes, the world´s aquarium.



    Oaxaca´s Festival´s (Oaxaca, Oax) Tours
  • This lively city opens its heart to visitors and welcomes them to join in the fun and celebrate life, death and all the moments along the way.



    Cacao, food of the gods (Chocolate) Tours
  • The Mayan elevated the importance of cacao to new heights using it as a beverage for the elite class, a ritual offering and a form of currency.



    Destinations of the Month (Mexico) Tours
  • Take a look at all you can enjoy in Mexico. Magic Towns, breathtaking landscapes and modern cities. Come and choose your own experience!



    Colima (Place which dominates the old God) Tours
  • Colima's name comes from "Colliman",Nahuatl word that appointed to the ancient kingdom or lordship: Colli,means hill, volcano or grandfather and Maitl, hand, or domain, i.e.: "Place conquered by our ancestors,"or "Place which dominates the old God or God offire ", referring to the volcano.



    Colonial Cache (Cholula, Pue) Tours
  • A wondrous collision of Spanish and indigenous art and architectural styles gave rise to Mexico´s fabled colonial towns and cities.



    Remains of Great Empires (Tulum, Qroo) Tours
  • Mexico preserves the testimony of great towns that assimilated the corn miracle and deciphered the cycles of the earth and sky



    Mayas: The Legacy lives on (San Cristobal, Chiapas) Tours
  • In this Chiapas Magic Town the heritage of the Mayan world will ignite your senses with a beguling blend of traditions, tastes and experiences.



    An incredible journey (Monarch Butterfly) Tours
  • The annual Monarch butterfly migration is one the nature´s great spectacles and a top attraction for visitors to Mexico´s central highlands..



    Travel Journal (Riviera Maya, Mexico) Tours
  • The adventure starts when you choose your destinations. Let your imagination fly and discover the best tips to make your trip to Mexico an unforgettable experience.