Be Global School

Available from 01/January/2013 to 17/July/2013

USD 400

Be Global School

For 18 years old and more

Be Global is a language school who teach with a unique education model, drawong pn the

five aspects of human intelligence.


Be Global would like help to develop your language skills. It is a a school that can assist in attaining

effective communication skills in the world´s most spoken languages. - English,

Madarin, Chinese and Spanish


Be Global is located in Colima, a beautiful, small city in the West of Mexico. Colima enjoys

a tropical climate and is only a short distance from mountains and beaches. Colima

is the ideal place to learn new languages ante to know Mexico.


Be Global  have expanded traditional learning concepts to creat an innovative education

model that interrelates the five human intelligences. This encourages students

and teachers to learn from each oteher through various techniques.




Course structure

Total of 8 levels,

·         Basic 1, 2, 3, 4,

·         Intermediate 1, 2, 3

·         Advanced 1


Each level comprising 90 hours except Advanced, which is 60 hours.

Material included

Book homologated to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, CEFR.


Format of classes

Grammar, reading, conversation and listening.


Class size

1-5 students per group.


School evaluation

Integrated activities of the level, attendance, class

participation, homework, examinations.



Weekly activity in School, an outside class experience per level



Hours      Price (USD$)

20              400

40              680

60              890

80            1020




Bibliography of the course


Así hablamos’ is a collection of eight books edited by Universidad Nacional

Autónoma  de México UNAM and Santillana Printing House. The compilation

comprises of


·            4 books for basic levels

·           3 books for intermediate levels

·           1 book for advanced level


The collection is a didactic tool for learning Spanish as a Foreign Language.

Each level is homologated to the Common European Framework of

Reference for Languages, CEFR. The table below shows the corresponding

level of Spanish, between CEFR and CELA


Así hablamos levels

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages


1 – 3

A1 and A2

4 – 7

B1 and B2


C1 and C2



UNAM is one of the most important and authoritative universities in Mexico.

It shares the same reputation as the Cervantes Institute of Spain, in terms

of international certification of the Spanish language.

The book is a helpful tool to study Spanish, for CELA from UNAM, or DELE

from Spain.







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